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Service Boot®

The Service Boot® is the foundation of our collection and was created by Edwin Viberg, in the 1930s, as a work boot for farmers. 

Ed's original pattern was based on a Canadian Military Parade last and the boots were constructed using "nailed-down" construction, which we still use today in our heavy industrial and logging products.

Reintroduced in 2008, our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot® features a double row of stitching that attaches the upper to the sole. 

Because the upper is turned outward before being attached to the sole, Stitchdown construction causes water and mud to be wicked away from the boot, keeping your feet warm and dry in any conditions.

Available In Five Styles

Scroll below to view the five styles of Service Boot® or browse by all.

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Service Boot® 2030

A classic almond boot shaped last.

Service Boot® 1035

Our iconic Service Boot, built on the 1035 Last to accommodate a wider foot.

Service Boot® Chromexcel®

Chromexcel® is the original pull-up leather; using time-honoured techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago.

Service Boot® Shell Cordovan

Shell Cordovan is equine leather made from the fibrous, flat connective tissue found in the rump area of the horse. It is an extremely durable, naturally water-resistant leather with a glossy, mirror-like finish. Due to the density of the fibers, Shell Cordovan has no visible grain and will roll, rather than crease, with wear. It is 100% vegetable-tanned.

Service Boot® 310

The Service Boot® built with our sprung toe boot Last, which has a distinct boxy toe shape.