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History of Service Boot®

The Service Boot® is our foundational product which dates back to the 1930s. This pattern is a classic ankle derby boot which is one of the most versatile patterns available. Originally made for heavy work, outside.

Edwin Viberg set out to create what he believed to be the most supportive, crafted boot available for farm and prairie labourers. The construction on the original Service Boot® was ‘Nailed down’ construction, which we still use today in our heavy industrial and logging products.

Today the Service Boot® is synonymous to the Viberg brand as it was back in the 1930s. In 2020, Viberg Boot was approved by the USPTO with a registered trade dress trademark for the Service Boot®. This trade mark provides Viberg with ‘first to market’ for this type of product that did not previously exist in the market.
Distinguished by the double row stitching on the vamp(forefront) which is our ‘Stitchdown’ construction. This construction type lends itself to our companies history in the Pacific Northwest for heavy work, outside. Due to the turned out vamp(forefront) this allows for water to be wicked away from your foot keeping them dry in almost any condition. Even when made with the most top end leathers available like Horween Shell Cordovan, it will still perform and function like our industrial products. The Service Boot® fully resole-able and recraftable.
The chassis of the Service Boot® is made up from a heavy 5-5.5mm weight solid leather insole which holds everything into place. We then use a solid 3-3.4mm solid leather heel counter(stiffener) and 1.8-2mm solid leather toe box(stiffener) . The final component of this iconic product is vegetable tanned lining leather, making it a 100% natural product internally, that supports and protects your feet.