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Handmade in Canada since 1931

Service Boot® 2030 BCT - Cognac Oiled Horsebutt

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In the US & Canada, Viberg Boots size differently so we recommend sizing down 1 full size, or if you have wide feet, 1/2 a size down. Unless noted, all widths are size E.

Worldwide, take your standard size. If you need sizing help, reach out on chat.

Based off of a Vintage Canadian Military Parade last. This last features a low profile silhouette and elongated almond-shaped toe. This last accommodates most foot shapes in the standard E width. Due to the research and development of the 2030 last, this tends to fit almost every type of foot.

Our 2030 is our most commonly used last and is a good basis of comparison when looking to fitting our other lasts.

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Effortlessly blending classic style with functional versatility, this make-up is crafted on our almond toe 2030 last with brogue cap toe, tonal copper hardware and binding, antique edges on the functional Ridgeway sole.

Cognac is a medium to dark brown with reddish or golden undertones, resembling the color of aged cognac or the oak barrels used in its production. The 100% aniline finish on the skins creates a distinct grain texture, which varies across each hide.

The Stitchdown Service Boot® - Authentically Viberg 

Small batch, limited run production from our factory in Victoria, BC.

• Shinki Oiled Horsebutt (Japan)
• 9 #2 Oxidized Copper Eyelets
• Brogue Cap Toe
• Stitchdown Construction
• Antique Finish
• Brown Ridgeway Sole
• Leather Toe Puff

Archival Utility

The rugged utility of the Stitchdown Service Boot® epitomizes our 90-year industrial history of building footwear designed for hard work outside.

Shinki-Hikaku Oiled Horsebutt (Japan)

Shinki’s Veg-tanned Horsebutt is processed and tanned very similarly to their Shell Cordovan. It contains the Shell portion of the hide, but is processed as Horsebutt due to the smaller overall size. Requiring a full 10 months to produce, including two months submerged in pits, and three to four months of natural drying, the resulting leather exhibits a distinct grain and texture.

Stitchdown Construction

Our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot® features a double row of stitching that attaches the upper to the sole. Because the upper is turned outward before being attached to the sole, Stitchdown construction causes water and mud to be wicked away from the boot, keeping your feet warm and dry in any conditions.