Terrain Collection

Bounded by the Pacific coastline to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east, the Pacific Northwest produces a breathless natural beauty, juxtaposed with some of the wettest, most rugged terrain on earth.

In the early 1970’s, Glen Viberg recognized that PNW loggers, in search of the massive Douglas fir, some as tall as 300 feet, required a collection of industrial strength work boots designed to meet the challenges of working in this wet, rugged, mountainous terrain.

We’ve distilled this archival utility into two purpose-built, mountaineering-inspired styles; the Hiker and the Pachena Bay.

Soles made for extended wear, in any weather condition.

The AW21 Terrain Collection comes equipped with Itshide soles.

Itshide have been producing rubber soles in Petersfield, England since the early 20th century.
Originally developed for the combat boots issued to the British Army in 1940, and subsequently adopted by mountaineers on Everest and Himalayan expeditions in the early 1950’s, the Commando sole is designed to be wear-resistant, with a high non-slip capacity.

The aggressive lugs provide stability, and the off-set toe and heel pads provide shock absorption for extended traction and wear, in the most punishing terrain.

Hiker in Natural Dublin

● 9220 Last 
● Horween Dublin (USA)
● Tan kip-lining
● Gun metal hardware 
● Stitchdown Construction
● Natural midsole
● Commando sole
● Thinsulate

Thinsulate. When innovation meets insulation.

Invented by 3M during the late 1970s, Thinsulate was immediately adopted by the mountaineering community as an effective boot insulator for alpine climbing. The secret lies in the high-density, thin fibres, compared with more traditional insulation, that make Thinsulate lightweight and compression resistant, creating the most effective form of footwear insulation. 

The 200gm Thinsulate found in the Hiker and Pachena Bay, has been employed, as footwear lining, by the US Army since 1980. It is rated to -20 Fahrenheit or -6 Celsius, providing the best in cold weather protection.