Bounded by the Pacific coastline to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east, the Pacific Northwest produces a breathless natural beauty, juxtaposed with some of the wettest, most rugged terrain on earth.

In the early 1970’s, Glen Viberg recognized that PNW loggers, in search of the massive Douglas fir, some as tall as 300 feet, required a collection of industrial strength work boots designed to meet the challenges of working in this wet, rugged, mountainous terrain. 

We’ve distilled this archival utility into two purpose-built, mountaineering-inspired styles; the Hiker and the Pachena Bay. 

The Hiker was added to our collection in 1970 as a mountaineering-inspired version of our Iconic 105 leather sole logging boot.  By eliminating seams, the single piece pattern provides total weather protection, while creating a very classic silhouette.

Equipped with a Vibram sole, heavy-duty hardware, and resoleable Channelled Insole Goodyear welt construction, the Hiker is designed to perform in rough terrain, outdoors.

This style is available with 200g Thinsulate lining for added warmth.

Added to our collection in the late 1980’s, the Pachena Bay takes its name from the rugged terrain and natural beauty of the Pachena Bay trailhead at the foot of the West Coast Trail.

This rugged boot combines a single piece upper with the distinct padded collar common to classic Italian climbing boots of the 1970’s.

This style is available with 200g Thinsulate lining for added warmth.

These two timeless classics are specifically constructed to provide comfort, traction, and hardened protection against the elements, when covering distance over rough, rugged terrain.