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Service Boot Intense Blue Shell Cordovan

Horween's Intense Blue Shell Cordovan has a deep navy hue with with indigo highlights that show through in direct sunlight.  This is our first time sourcing this particular shade of Shell Cordovan and we've paired it with a Crepe sole from French producer Lactae Hevea.  These Natural Rubber soles have been hand made for over 40 years in a small village in the Dauphiné region of France.  Lactae Hevea uses an entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly process and the resulting soles offer a unique combination of durability and comfort. All Shell Cordovan preorders now ship with a set of Viberg Shoe Trees, a 4oz bottle of Neutral Shoe Cream, a Horsehair Dauber and Shine Brush, and a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.