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Drop Three

Six months into 2019 and our new seasonal release schedule we bring you Drop Three.  Comprised of seventeen unique styles focusing on classic silhouettes in a variety of new and reimagined materials. Equine leathers from both Italy and the USA play a central role, with Horsebutt being utilized in its classic form as well as a Nubucked Grey version and the stand out Split iteration which is shaved down during the tanning process to reveal both smooth and textured areas on the same hide.  A Used Tan vegetable-tanned cowhide from Italy, with a slightly distressed appearance and high capacity for patina, makes its debut on a Chelsea and Service Boot. Our Sneaker program see a modest expansion with the introduction of two hybrid styles based on our Cheslea and Side Zip patterns.  Finally, we have a pair of timeless service boots in Oiled Brown Calf and Anise Kudu both from British tannery CF Stead. This collection exemplifies our philosophy of approaching contemporary materials and design with an old-world tradition of quality. While Drop Three touches on seemingly disparate references, it is anchored by a complimentary autumnal colour palette and an approach to functionality informed by our Vancouver Island surroundings.