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Handmade in Canada since 1931

Service Boot® 2030 BCT - Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

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In the US & Canada, Viberg Boots size differently so we recommend sizing down 1 full size, or if you have wide feet, 1/2 a size down. Unless noted, all widths are size E.

Worldwide, take your standard size. If you need sizing help, reach out on chat.

Based off of a Vintage Canadian Military Parade last. This last features a low profile silhouette and elongated almost shape toe. This last accommodates most foot shapes in the standard E width. Due to the research and development of the 2030 last, this tends to fit almost every type of foot. Our 2030 is our most commonly used last and is a good basis of comparison when looking to fitting our other lasts.

The timeless design and rugged durability of the Service Boot® are synonymous with the Viberg brand and have been since 1931.

Shell Cordovan is the fibrous, flat connective membrane found in the rump area of the horse.  As the name suggests, Horween’s Dark Cognac Genuine Shell Cordovan® shade shares similarities with Bourbon and Whisky but, owing to its richer, darker shade, produces a unique pull-up not seen as prominently on many of the lighter colors.

      Small batch, limited run production from our factory in Victoria, BC.

      • Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® (USA)
      • Brogue Cap Toe
      • Blind Eyelets
      • English Kip Lining
      • Natural Midsole
      • Stitchdown Construction
      • Built on 100% leather Viberg "Chassis"
      • Dainite Sole

      Stitchdown Construction

      Viberg is the only shoe manufacturer on the market that uses Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® in a Stitchdown product, specifically in our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot®.

      Limited Production

      Viberg is a small factory with a maximum capacity of 10,000 pairs per year. Our small production runs, timeless silhouettes, and custom leathers support our adherence to "slow manufacturing.” Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® epitomizes the art of "slow manufacturing.” We produce limited quantities of the Horween Shell Cordovan® Stitchdown Service Boot® each year, due to the complexity of the tanning process and scarcity of this prized leather.

      Lifetime Wear

      Due to the fiber density of Shell Cordovan, it is naturally water-resistant, has a glossy, mirror-like finish, and is durable enough to last a lifetime. Cordovan has no visible grain and will roll, rather than crease, with wear.

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