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Handmade in Canada since 1931

Service Boot® 310 - Olive Chromepak

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In the US & Canada, Viberg Boots size differently so we recommend sizing down 1 full size, or if you have wide feet, 1/2 a size down. Unless noted, all widths are size E.

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Our 310 last is a combination of archival work boot and British army boot.

This unique shape is our original creation dating back to 2007.
It features a generous E width through out which will accommodate most types of feet.
The Sprung toe allows for a rocking motion while wearing and was commonly used on hard soled military boots in the early 1900s to allow easier break-in and comfort for during long periods of wear. We have then added a generous toe bump to room for your toes to walk. The heel height is also base

The 310 Last was created in 2007 by combing a vintage British climbing boot with a mid-century workboot.  The "sprung toe" that defines the shape of the 310, was developed in the early 1900s to create a rocking motion that made stiff-soled industrial boots more comfortable to walk in. 

Horween's Chromepak is a chrome-based tannage that uses extremely heavyweight leather that is aniline dyed and then hot-stuffed with oil & grease to create an incredibly durable leather with an extreme pull-up that reveals a unique patina with age.

Small batch, limited run production from our factory in Victoria, BC.

• Horween Chromepak (USA)
• 8 Gun Metal eyelets
• Natural Midsole
• Stitchdown construction
• Built on 100% leather Viberg "Chassis"
• Dainite brown sole
• Fully structured toe
• Made by hand in Victoria, B.C. Canada


Our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot® features a double row of stitching that attaches the upper to the sole. Because the upper is turned outward before being attached to the sole, Stitchdown construction causes water and mud to be wicked away from the boot, keeping your feet warm and dry in any conditions.

Limited Production

Viberg is a small factory with a maximum capacity of 10,000 pairs per year. Our small production runs, timeless silhouettes, and custom leathers support our adherence to "slow manufacturing." This process emphasizes the importance of each link in the chain, both people and materials, and creates a sense of purpose and belonging that makes Viberg different from every other footwear brand.

Archival Utility

The rugged utility of the Stitchdown Service Boot® epitomizes our 90-year industrial history of building footwear designed for hard work outside.

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