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Channeled insole goodyear welt

We are one of two factories in the world offering thistype of process for Goodyear welt. This process isusing a 5 - 5.5mm all leather insole, in which the ma-chine channels an inside and outside channel whichthen is latex glued and raised to make a lip or hold fast,which the shoe is lasted and welt stitched too.

There is a small number of factories doing a version of this which see’s only an inside channel made. Some western boot companies in the US and Leon MX offer this method. Which is not as a strong attachment point versus the inside and outside channel.

Other than the extreme durability of the welt being directly attached to the bottom of the leather insole on which your feet sit, the other benefit is the insole forms better to the bottom of the last due to the two channels that feather the outside of the insole. This allows your foot to feel the contour of the last bottom better.

Goodyear Welt and Stitchdown Process

The advantage of a Goodyear welted and Stitchdown shoe are that they can be re-crafted and re-soled many times over. This allows the soles and heels to be changed as they wear out, as well as the shoe to betaken apart completely, having new worn out pieces replaced with new ones. With care you can expect to get 10-15yrs or more out of a well cared for pair or Goodyear Welted or Stitchdown shoes.

Due to the timelessness of these construction methods, the core principles of them are about longevity and durability. Both construction types are turn of the century inventions that do not reflect today’s ideas of fast fashion.

Another added benefit is that there are no holes that penetrate from the outside of the sole to the inside. This allows for both the Stitch down and Goodyear welt to be a superior product in a variety of weather conditions.

Liveable Wages

Currently our lowest paid employee sits at around $19.50 per hour, plus our extended medical and pen-sion plan offering. Based off the Livable wages website before our ext. Medical and Pension plan we are sitting above what is recognized as a living wage in Victoria BC. We will further this by applying to be an accredited business making us responsible for allowing our workers to sustain a living working for our company. "LivingWages For Families campaign" .

We do have a 3 month probationary period in which the wage is lower than this amount but once the probationp eriod is over we offer a higher salary and options to have extended medical and pension if one desires

Cutting Chromium

We will start the process of reducing all of our Chrome leather offering down to less than 5% of our overall leather consumption by the end of 2022. With most oft he tanneries already on board with this change in the consumer's awareness, this change will be about challenging our suppliers to provide the same tannages we buy now but in a Metal Free Chrome Free option.

With this commitment comes our own challenge in using only Vegetable tanned or white tanned leather, which is much more sensitive to heat during the manufacturing process. We will have to re learn some of our own processes in order to succeed