City Collection

The City Collection showcases our ability to innovate and adapt as a brand and a small, family-owned manufacturer.

We began to experiment with soft-sole footwear in 2010, as part of our work with a well-known performance
footwear brand. We were challenged to develop a range of soft-soled performance footwear while remaining true to
our belief in authentic shoemaking. The styles in this collection are the product of our innovation as a brand and our
skill as shoemakers.

The collection includes our iconic Scout Boot, which combines the benefits of Goodyear construction with the
demands of an urban environment. The Sneaker and Slip-on articulate a marked evolution of our capabilities while
honoring traditional craft with luxury materials. Each of the products in this collection can be sustainably resoled to
increase the longevity of the product.

The color palette has been specially ordered to seasonally reflect the urban unpredictability of Autumn/Winter.
Colours like Slate, Terre, and Olive reflect the street lights during a wet, dark winter night.

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