Founded by Edwin Viberg, in 1931, on the principal
of industrial utility and the depression-era ethos of
“made stronger to last longer”, Edwin initially
created the iconic Service Boot, using “naildown”
construction, as a purpose-built solution to the
rough-hewn lifestyle of Canadian farmers.

In the 1980’s Edwin’s son, Glen Viberg, expanded
beyond the Service Boot to create a collection of
industrial work boots specifically designed to
meet the rugged demands of the growing Pacific
Northwest logging industry.

In 2007, building on the foundation of craftsmanship and industrial utility established by his father and grandfather, Brett Viberg again disrupted the market by updating the design of the original Service Boot to create a modern, timeless silhouette.

In his pursuit to redevelop & improve the ServiceBoot, Brett created the first-ever Stitchdown ServiceBoot® and subsequently obtained USPTO TradeDress protection covering the silhouette and distinct ‘first to market’ Stitchdown Service Boot®.

This commitment to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible from a small workshop, by combining traditional shoemaking techniques with modern last shapes, materials, and ideas is at the heart of what motivates Viberg to pursue the purest form of manufacturing.