Ready for travel

The Slipper was developed in 2016, as a hard-sole shoe for spring and summer. 

The inspiration for this concept came from a vintage travel slipper pulled from our design archives. The upper has been updated to be totally deconstructed, and free of all stiffeners, so that it’s able to fit, easily, into a bag.

The Slipper can be worn casually or semi-formal. The single piece upper allows for a ton of versatility when styling.

Light Visone Kudu Roughout

A full grain leather from fine leathers purveyor CF Stead that’s been tanned with zero chemicals.

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Eco Veg Fallow

A full grain suede from British tannery CF Stead. The absence of chrome in the tanning process results in bright clean colours. 

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Eco Veg Pewter

A new proprietary tannage from CF Stead. The absence of the chrome results in spectacularly bright colours, like the original shade of Pewter seen here. 

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Wasabi Waxed Veldt

The leather itself is South African Oryx antelope, a full grain suede that’s been aniline dyed resulting in an attractive natural rawness with unique texture and handle.   

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