The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection represents our legacy, dating back to 1931, when Edwin Viberg created the first iteration of our now iconic Service Boot. 

Edwin combined his skill as a master shoemaker to fuse form, function and industrial utility, in an effort to provide an innovative product designed to meet the rugged demands of the farming industry. 

90 years later, our continued focus on innovation, utility, and timeless design, has resulted in a collection of classic staples that form the DNA upon which our brand is built.

Tucked away in the Northumberland countryside, the prosaic village of Wall is home to a garage, a world-class chef, and a small, 24-seat restaurant.

Fortunately, for those in the know, the chef is Alex Nietosvuori and his restaurant, Hjem, owns a coveted Michelin star, making it one of the best in the UK.

Drawn by a climate and landscape similar to his native Sweden, Alex and his partner, Ally Thompson, built Restaurant Hjem, which means “home” in both Swedish and Northumbrian, on the idea of simplicity – most dishes have only 2 or 3 locally sourced, main ingredients.

The idea of simplicity is reflected in his network of local suppliers who Alex describes as, “hard working people doing interesting things, and really believing in their product.”

Despite the Michelin star, sustainable sourcing and exacting techniques, the Hjem experience is genial, relaxed and definitely not precious.

We continue our legacy of innovation by creating timeless footwear, informed by traditional shoemaking methods and the utility of our industrial heritage. Every detail is intentional and designed to create a legacy product that will get better with age and follow you forward.