Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is the DNA of our brand, which is a combination of adaptability, longevity, and function. Each of the iconic styles in this collection is built to last, taking advantage of both our Stitchdown and Viberg Channeled Insole Goodyear Welt construction methods, making all of the products in this collection fully resoleable and repairable. The toe puffs, heel pads, and shanks are made using 100% veg-tanned leather, which, aside from being 100% natural, promotes longevity and conforms more closely to the shape of the foot.

The foundation of this collection is the Stitchdown Service Boot®, a modern, timeless style that defines modern workwear. The Service Boot® is offered in a variety of seasonal iterations, incorporating different leathers and details, which allow it to be worn across a wide variety of occasions.

In 2020, the Viberg Service Boot® was granted USPTO trade dress protection and officially recognized as “first to market” within the Class 25 – Boots category.  This formal trademark protection grants Viberg the permission to leverage our authenticity as we continue to push the boundaries with materials and finishing to allow us to produce the best products we can.