Our Purpose

To sustain our legacy of creating timeless footwear informed by traditional shoe making methods and our industrial heritage.

Every detail is intentional and designed to create a time-honoured product that will get better with age and follow you forward.

Produce Less, Produce Better

Our belief in “slow manufacturing” reflects an adherence to traditional machinery and methods, combined with curating the finest raw materials available.

Our slow manufacturing emphasizes the importance of each link in the chain. The customer becomes part of the story, which evolves slowly and organically as we simultaneously strive to improve.

Purposeful Disruption

Disruption is at the heart of why Viberg exists as a brand.

Beginning with Edwin Viberg’s first iteration of the Service Boot, 90 years ago, through Glen’s push to develop industrial work boots for the logging industry in the 80’s and, finally, extending to Brett’s current focus on combining these traditional construction methods with contemporary shapes and materials.

Invisible Intention

Every detail is specifically designed with a purpose to create an understated utility and elegance that distinguishes Viberg from the competition.

These small, invisible details include using 100% natural materials in making the product. This includes leather for the toe puffs and heel counters that, while not visible on the outside, create a product that is built to last.

Limited Production

Viberg is a small factory with a maximum capacity of 10,000 pairs per year.

Our small production runs, timeless silhouettes and special make-ups using small-batch leather, build a sense of community borne of owning something that is special and rare. This scarcity creates an emotional connection to the product that reinforces the sense of belonging to an authentic, long-standing process.

Archival Utility

Our DNA is built on a history of building footwear designed for hard work outside. A product that can withstand the natural elements due to our traditional manufacturing techniques, experience and materials.

This industrial strength is reflected in each pair of footwear that leaves our factory. This commitment to quality, and our 90-year industrial history, allows us to innovate with materials and shapes to create a timeless product that is the new definition of workwear.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

Every element that goes into a Viberg product has been carefully sourced, considered and designed. We focus on using only natural materials from small tanneries that share a similar philosophy to Viberg. These partners care about quality, push their boundaries, and pay their employees a living wage.

Collaborating with these partners to embrace innovation and advance their capabilities allows Viberg to create a product that is unique and available in limited quantities.