Colour 8 & Natural Tumbled and Plated Shell Cordovan Release

This month’s preorder features our Service Boot® in both Colour 8 and Natural Tumbled and Plated Shell Cordovan. 

Our Tumbled & Plated leather is a custom makeup in collaboration with Horween. For this release we’re using Shells that have been tumbled in a large wooden drum. Once Tumbled, this custom make up was placed into a hot plate machine - similar to a press - with 50 tons of pressure. The oils became uniform, giving it an added shine. There was no need to add additional cream to the finishing. It’s been a year in the making to develop this concept hand in hand with Horween. This unique treatment creates a matte finish and an uneven texture. Both styles are built on the 2030 Last with Stitchdown construction. The Natural Tumbled & Plated Service Boot® features French Binding, Vintage Brass Eyelets & Speed hooks and a Tan Commando Club Sole. The Colour 8 version features French Binding, Vintage Brass Eyelets & Speed hooks, a Brogue cap toe and a Ridgeway Sole. Our Shell Cordovan Tumbled & Plated Service Boots® are now available for pre-order, exclusively on

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