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This season, we are inspired by the beauty of Vancouver Island's very own Old Growth Rainforest. This extraordinary ecosystem of larger-than-life trees create magnificent canopies along the island's coastline and play a significant role in our existence. The depth, the liveliness, and the resilience of our Old Growth Rainforest will reflect in the colour palette of our AW22 collection.

Autumn Winter '22

As we reflect on how our manufacturing has evolved and how industrial process in general impacts the Old Growth Rainforest, we are taking our time this season to be mindful on the material we're using in our workshop. In addition, as a celebrated slow-manufacturer, we want to really showcase our advance craftsmanship, techniques, and technologies that set us apart.

Here at Viberg, big parts of our brand and business are the heritage, history and people behind it. This season, we also want to shine the lights on the incredible and talented people that have brought us this far, and have made Viberg, Viberg.